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About Pain

As everyone knows, "Pain" is an unpleasant sensation. The unpleasantness of pain is the very thing that makes it so effective and is an essential part of life. It gives you fear and dulls your concentration and focus on what you want to accomplish. It also makes you move differently, think differently and behave differently.

Although pain is considered as a bad experience, it is a normal experience. Pain is a great "alert" system to preserve and protect human life from danger. Pain indicates changes occurring to your body either good or bad. The muscle pain or muscle soreness after exercising, for example, is not a sign of bad pain but it is necessary for muscles to develop.

Pain is a very subjective experience and varies from person to person depending upon the environment you grew up with, psychosocial factors, cultures, gender, age, time and so on. The amount of pain you experience may be influenced by who else is around.

Occasionally, the pain system appears to act oddly. The greater pain is not always necessarily indicating life-threatening diseases. Often, it is the smaller pain that should not be over looked. For example, everyone has experienced the small paper cut that gave you a great pain. The cut is not deep and there is not much tissue damage, but it really hurts. Ironically, a life-threatening condition such as cancer sometimes fails to give you a great pain to alert until it progresses to the late stage. When you are concentrating on what you are doing, you feel less pain. You have seen an athlete who keeps playing the game hard as nothing has happened, even when he is injured and bleeding.

As you see now, "pain" is such a mysterious sensation we experience. It is important to understand and actually feel "pain" rather than to hide and ignore the "pain" by pain killers or other drugs in order for us to able to find the causes of the "pain".

We will carefully examine the painful area by inspecting, palpating and checking the range of motion. Our skilled doctor will identify the cause of the pain by asking you when it started hurting, the types and degree of pain, if there's any limitation in range of motion, small daily habits of motion.

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

---Thomas Alva Edison

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